Since 1903 Apinol has been used for a number of ailments -

We have listed the various uses Apinol (Mother Nature's Medicine) has been accredited for curing...

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Healing Power                          
Cuts                                          Lacerations                          Abrasions                                   Burns                                     Scrapes                                     Rashes   
Insect bites                                Fever Blisters                            Scratch                                     Paper cut          
Minor wounds, and deep wounds    Bedsores

Soothing Power                Apinol, it bugs the BUGS            
Rash                                         Chicken pox
Chiggers                                    Poison Ivy
Poison Oak                                 Baby teething

Burn Relief

Stove / kitchen burns                  Fire                  
Sunburn                                   Acid from machine work                                   
Carpet burn                              Fireworks burn
Curling Iron                               Razor burn
Electrical                                  Rope Burns
Hot water burns                        Cigarette

Pain Relief

Smashing a body part
Hits or bumps to body parts (hitting finger with a hammer)
Cuts                                        Burns
Lacerations                              Scrapes
Joint pain                            
Paper cut
Insect Bites
Fire Ant                                   Mosquito bites
Spider                                     Bee stings

Wasp                                      Hornet sting


Infection                                 Dirt from getting into wound
Insect bites                             Pain
Irritation                                  Itch
Bleeding                                  Acne (yes, believe it.  Apinol is antibacterial)
Children from crying because of its soothing remedy and no sting or burn quality


Clears up sinus when mixed with water

Insect Repellant                        Shampoo (dandruff)
Hunters use it so Deer or wild game will not sense them in the wilderness
Bringing back hair loss                                    
Encourages productions of endomorphines and enkaphlins
Ingrown toenails                        Athletes Foot


Dogs                                       (insect repellant)
Rashes                                     Neutering          
Injury to body                            Fleabites
Dog mites                                  Dog bites
Injury to leg/body (soak leg in bucket of Apinol)                        
Insect bites                               Cuts                                                                     
Cattle De-horning                        Neutering
Sore utters                                Injury to body        

Internal (although not recommend)

Tooth Ache                                Mouth Ulcer
Cold Sore                                   Cough
Sore Throat                                Bronchitis
Influenza                                    Sore gums
Nose spray when mixed – eases dryness
Internal Pain (warm oil and massage into skin)
Muscles                                      Bruises

Arthritis                                      Back Surgery
Broken bones                               Sprains
Foot ache
Athletes pain (A Karate student, who broke 66 wooden boards in 60 seconds, contacted us.  His hands were sore and he had broken a knuckle.  Apinol took the pain away)
Good Qualities
No burn when applied                     No sting when applied
Unlimited shelf life                         Smells great / a natural smell
When applied the medicine lasts for up to 7 hours

Apinol does not claim to cure or heal all these ailments, this is solely a listing of documented cases that have been sent in to us over the last 113 years.