Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Preventive: Infection,    Dirt from getting into wound,  Insect bites , Pain,  Irritation,   Itch,  Bleeding, Acne (yes, believe it.  Apinol is antibacterial),  Children from crying because of its soothing remedy and no sting or burn quality

Burn Relief

Stove / kitchen burns              Fire                  
Sunburn                                      Acid from machine work                                   
Carpet burn                                Fireworks burn
Curling Iron                                Razor burn
Electrical                                    Rope Burns
Hot water burns                       

Healing Power     

Healing power: Cuts ,  Lacerations  , Abrasions , Scrapes , Rashes ,  Insect bites , Fever Blisters,    Scratch ,  Paper cut,  Minor wounds, and deep wounds , Bedsores,  Blisters 

Pain Relief: Sunburn, Cuts, Burns, Lacerations, Scrapes,  Joint pain,  Paper cut

Insect Bites:Fire Ant , Mosquito bites,  Spider,  Bee stings,  Wasp,  Hornet sting

Soothing Power:  Rash ,  Chicken pox,  Chiggers ,  Poison Ivy,   Poison Oak    

Good Qualities: No burn when applied ,  No sting when applied,  Unlimited shelf life,  Smells great / a natural smell,
When applied the medicine lasts for up to 7 hours


Miscellaneous:  Clears up sinus when mixed with water,  Insect Repellent ,   Hunters use it so Deer or wild game will not sense them in the wilderness,  Ingrown toenails

Animal: Dogs,  Rashes, Injury to body ,  Fleabites, Dog mites,  Dog bites, Horses ,   insect bites  ,  Cuts , Cattle De-horning,                    Hot Spots,  Sore utters ,  Injury to body         

Internal (although NOT recommended): Tooth Ache ,  Mouth Ulcer, Cold Sore , Cough, Sore Throat,  Bronchitis, Influenza,                                  Sore gums, Nose spray when mixed 
Internal Pain (warm oil and massage into skin):Muscles ,  Bruises, Arthritis ,  Back Surgery, Broken bones,                             Sprains,  Foot ache,  Athletes pain 

Apinol does not claim to cure or heal all these ailments, this is solely a listing of documented cases that have been sent in to us over the last 116 years.